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Let’s explore the Thrifty gene or Thrifty genotype Hypothesis, the literature of Weston Price and his research on Polynesian and south Asia and pacific islanders showed in his Nutrition and Physical Degeneration book (linked below), the reason why Arab and Middle eastern people along with urdu and hindi have a high disposition for diabetes type 2 and its symptoms and why the fattest countries in the world in 2020 are all in the pacific islands and south asia

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Was I Wrong About Protein? Protein on Keto


Dr Andrew Jenkinson – Why We Eat Too Much

Weston Price DDS – Nutrition and Physical Degeneration


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Consider lower BMI risk thresholds for people from black, Asian and minority groups

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Most of the knowledge on the subject comes from the Coursera Course by the University of Copenhagen “Diabetes: A Global Challenge”
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