Welcome to the 10 DAY Experience!!! This is an UNBOXING of the best starter system for trying the most popular Pruvit products to see how the flavors taste, how the system works for you and to see if this will fit in your keto lifestyle to enhance your energy, mental clarity, focus, fat loss and appetite control! If you already have your kit ordered, this video will walk you through how to use the products & If you are brand new to this it will help you learn if this is right for you and how it works!



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10 Day Drink Ketones Challenge:

Save $30 on a Challenge Pack (20 Nat ketones) in a variety of 2-5 flavors
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Breakdown of Chapters in this Video:

0:00 Why I use this with my keto lifestyle
1:30 Hand Packaged Sample kits by me
1:57 What is Included in the Mega Pack
2:30 Keto Kreme Flavors Included
3:20 How to Make Keto Kreme
6:00 Mito//PLEX Electrolytes
8:40 When to Drink Mitoplex Electrolytes
9:14 Nat Ketones
10:22 Heart Tart NAT, Raspberry Lemonade NAT, Lime time NAT
11:00 Drinking NAT Ketones Fasted
11:30 How to EAT while using this system
12:42 New Flavors Included in Kit
14:29 What to do if they seem sweet at first
15:18 What does NAT Mean?
16:18 Keto//OS PRO Flavors & How it works
17:10 How to Customize your Kit
17:40 Recap of the entire system
18:40 10 Day Drink Ketones Challenge (Option 2)
19:22 How to Continue AFTER you try your sample experience
20:00 Pruvit Free Product Program & How it Works

Beginners Guide to Keto Diet (VIDEO): https://bit.ly/33NhGpk

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