Bahn mi is a famous Vietnamese sandwich that includes seasoned meat, pickled vegetables, mayo, and a hint of spice that is then served up in a fresh bread roll. This bahn mi rice bowl has all the flavors and goodness of the original but replaces the carb-heavy bread roll with fried cauliflower rice to create a keto-friendly bowl of deliciousness.

Protein is delivered in this recipe through low-fat ground pork flavored with garlic, chili, and an assortment of other spices. You then add the cooked pork to the bowl on top of some fresh spinach along with lightly fried cauliflower rice. The dish is topped off with fragrant cilantro, fish sauce, and creamy mayo.

To give your bowl some extra crunch, add a fresh coleslaw to the side. This is also a great way to boost your vitamin and mineral intake without adding much to the overall calorie count.

This bahn mi rice bowl is perfect for both dinner and lunch and can be put together quickly. Given the simplicity of this recipe, it’s a great one to make for a family dinner or if you’ve got friends coming over. Give it a go today. It’s sure to become a familiar sight on your weekly meal plan!

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1 1/2 ounce spinach
1 tablespoon mayonnaise
1 teaspoon chili-garlic paste
1 cup cauliflower rice
2 teaspoon olive oil
1/2 teaspoon unseasoned rice vinegar
8 ounce ground pork
Salt and pepper to taste
1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
1/4 teaspoon cumin
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1/4 teaspoon onion powder
1/4 teaspoon fish sauce
1/2 cup coleslaw mix
2 tablespoon fresh cilantro, chopped

Nutrition Summary: This makes a total of 2 servings of Keto Bahn Mi Rice Bowl. Each serving comes out to be 416 calories, 34.3g fat, 3.4g net carbs, and 20.7g protein.


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