Pizzas are something I would have never dreamed of eating on the keto diet. Store-bought pizza crusts and restaurant pizzas have too many carbs. As you know, it is best to make most dishes from scratch and this one is no exception! With this recipe, you can learn how to make a keto-friendly pizza with low-carb tortillas as the crust.

The crust of the pizza, the tortillas, taste just as good as the store-bought and make for the perfect base of these mini pizzas! The fresh basil leaves and the mozzarella pearls that are the topping bake well with the low-carb tomato sauce!

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2 large egg
2 large egg white
6 ounce cream cheese
1 teaspoon psyllium husk powder
1 tablespoon coconut flour
Salt to taste

Pizza Topping:
1/2 cup low carb tomato sauce
8 ounce fresh mozzarella cheese
2 tablespoon fresh basil
Salt and pepper to taste

Nutrition Summary: This makes a total of 4 servings of Keto Tortilla Pizza. Each serving comes out to be 380 calories, 30.1g fat, 7g net carbs, and 21.1g protein.


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