While Matt Hancock lost weight on Low carb and likely presented the option to prime Minister Boris Johnson, the Better Health program proposed via the NHS now offers incentives to GP to send patients to Weight Watchers and Slimming world.
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Johnson’s New Obesity Plan Explained: Can It Really Work? The Likes of Jamie Oliver who have been proponents of Healthy Eating for years are happy enough with the action taken, but with Westminster having taken a closer look at Low carb and health Minister Matt Hancock losing himself 2 stones on it, is it really our best interest they have at heart?
The dramatic reading is an article actually written by BoJo ack in 2007 where he found it ok to put it in so many words how despicable nutritional labels on alcohol would have been… now things have changed… if he’s the one saying it?


Who thought of Health Warnings on Wine? By Boris Johnson

Hospitalization Rates and Characteristics of Patients Hospitalized with Laboratory-Confirmed Coronavirus Disease 2019 — COVID-NET, 14 States, March 1–30, 2020

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NHS Tackling Obesity is Everybody’s Business

UK Government Department of Health and Social Care
New obesity strategy unveiled as country urged to lose weight to beat coronavirus (COVID-19) and protect the NHS
New package of measures and ‘Better Health’ campaign announced to help people lose weight.

Advertising affects habits, prices, preferences, and even perceptions of reality

British workers reject fruit-picking jobs as Romanians flown in

BEAT Changes needed to government anti-obesity strategies in order to reduce their risk of harm to people with eating disorders

BEAT Public Health Not Public Shaming

UK Government HM Revenue & Customs
Get a discount with the Eat Out to Help Out Scheme

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Health secretary Matt Hancock reveals he lost two stone with low-carb diet


Coronavirus latest: ‘Public health revolution’ needed to combat ‘root cause’ of Covid-19 deaths

NHS App Library: The Low Carb program by Diabetes.co.uk

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