New to the keto diet? Thomas Delauer shares his tips on how to prevent the keto flu, along with his keto flu cure if you’re already feeling the side effects of transitioning to a ketogenic eating style. In this video from Thrive Market, he explains how to avoid electrolyte imbalance with bone broth and supplements so you can make getting into ketosis as painless as possible. Learn more about Thomas and shop his favorite keto products at the link below.

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When you’re first transitioning to the ketogenic diet, you’ll probably see a lot of people talk about the keto flu, and it’s probably the biggest reason why people don’t start. There’s two things that are causing the keto flu. One, is that transition of carbohydrates where your body’s just inefficiently, not quite creating ketones yet, so it’s still in that gray area. And then the other side is, your body dumps a lot of water when you first start the keto diet. That’s why people when they first start, they’ll lose like seven, eight pounds in the first couple days. It’s okay to lose water. You’re losing inflammation, it’s what you want. But the drop in that water also is a drop in electrolytes, so if you add sodium back into the mix, and keep your salt levels high while you’re transitioning, you’ll strongly, strongly ward off the keto flu. Because most of what you’re feeling is just complete electrolyte imbalance.

When it comes down to transitioning and helping out the keto flu, I’m a huge fan of just, like, sipping on bone broth. Just have it with your meals. It tastes good, it’s easy, and it also, it makes it so that in my opinion you can get into keto faster, because there is a satiating component of bone broth to begin with. So you can sip on it throughout the day, you don’t really feel like you have to eat, your calories are low, it’s just you lose weight in the process.