Here’s what I ate on Sunday following a low carb / high fat lifestyle!

Hopefully this gives you ideas!

I start my day with NAT ketones + mito//plex electrolytes fasted, normally I workout in the morning but today was a day off! Normally I eat more veggies with a salad but every once in a while a day like this is ok!

2:23 pm: broke my fast @ 19 hours. Today we grilled burgers with cheddar and a low carb wrap for lunch.

4:34 pm: I had a couple left over wings toasted with Marie’s ranch.

5:41 pm: I got my second dose of ketones today in with a creamy blueberry muffin batter shake that is BOMB! I made it with 1 packet of keto pro blueberry muffin (this is a seasonal flavor that comes around every once in a while) plus 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk blended with 1 packet of keto Kreme sweet Kreme!

You can also make this with banana cream pro instead of blueberry which is currently in stock now and it makes a banana bread shake that is just as amazing!

7 pm: I pan fried 2 eggs and toasted a low carb mission wrap with cheddar in the toaster and made an egg sandwich for dinner.

I’ve been trying to eat all my food before 6 pm most night but sometimes that doesn’t workout and that’s ok! It’s a goal but I’m not going to kill myself over it! Life happens sometimes and that’s ok! But the earlier you can have your last meal the better if the goal is fat loss.

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