Keto expert Thomas DeLauer lists his top 10 keto foods, along with why each one makes the cut. From keto staples to keto snacks to keto sweeteners, he’ll help you curate the perfect keto grocery haul.

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Macadamia nuts are probably the lowest-carb, next to pili nuts, but the lowest-carb nut that you’re going to find. And there’s no phytates because they don’t have a skin on them. So they are easier to break down. No matter where you are, being able to have macadamia nuts is going to curb any craving and just get you through the tough times.

Coconut oil. It’s so easy to fall victim to using canola oil, or another normal cooking oil, and the reality is, despite some of the conflicting science that’s out there, it’s a saturated fat that can be utilized by the body. It’s high in lauric acid, so it helps support your healthy gut. It also has medium chain triglycerides, which give you instant energy on a keto diet.

Sardines are probably one of the most nutrient-dense fishes that you can eat. They are super, super high in omega-3s. They’re high in what’s called DHA, docosahexaenoic acid- so, specifically the omega-3 that’s really good for the brain, but also you’re just getting good quality protein too. It’s a perfect keto food.

Nutritional yeast, I put it on everything. I’m not a big dairy guy, so I love the idea that nutritional yeast sort of have a cheesy taste. And all it is is deactivated yeast. Super high B vitamins, so if you’re vegan or vegetarian, it’s a great addition. But put it on your veggies, if you mix it with a little bit of coconut oil it makes this cheesy sauce that’s so good.

Pork rinds. For years, we thought that pork rinds are just this unhealthy thing, right? And there is some truth to that, but when you put good quality pork rinds in your body, you’re actually getting a good high-quality fat, and it’s a perfect keto food, exactly what you need to give you that satisfied crunch. And that’s what you kind of miss on the keto diet. But pork rinds, they solve that problem.

Ghee is one of the only dairy components that I really like to have in my body because you really don’t have the milk solids or the lactose. So someone that’s lactose intolerant can totally have ghee. It’s also high in butyric acid or converts into butyric acid, a short chain fatty acid that feeds the endothelial cells within your gut. So you have good gut health, good gut-brain axis, but also good clean energy.

Who doesn’t love coffee? If you go and you pick up an ordinary creamer, chances are it’s not keto-friendly. So, when you have Califia Farms creamer, that’s going to have coconut and a little bit of almond. You’re getting the high fat consistency you know from half and half, but with a different nutrient profile, giving your body those medium chain triglycerides that are great for energy optimization, but also great for helping create ketones. Then you have almond milk in there too, so you’re not having a high fat, high calorie creamer. Just a nice balance between the two.

Monkfruit is my jam when it comes to a sweetener. Whereas some sweeteners, the brain gets super excited to get something sweet, well because monkfruit, even though it’s sweet, it’s seen as an herb, so the brain registers a bit different. So you don’t have the potential insulin spike that you can get with some artificial sweeteners, or natural sweeteners. But quite frankly, it’s just convenient and it tastes good.

Electrolytes. You can’t always eat a salty steak, or can’t always eat these things that are going to be super good-tasting and give you the salt in an inconspicuous way. So these Ultima packs are just great because they taste really good, their lemon is my favorite, it tastes like you’re drinking lemonade, but you’re actually replenishing your electrolytes.

When you’re on the road, and you’re just stuck in traffic, and you’re like, okay, I’m getting hungry, but I want to actually eat something healthy. That’s exactly where Chomps comes in. When it comes down to being anti-inflammatory and really actually being a good healthy food, it’s very difficult to find that in a jerky or a meat stick. And they’re non-GMO project verified, which is big for me, but they taste amazing and literally my son even eats them. If my son loves them, then you’re going to love them too.